KS3 – MATHS: WEEK 1 – Activity

Week 1 Maths activity KS3

This week please have a go at drawing a plan of your garden. If you don’t have a garden think about what you would like a garden to look like and draw that instead.
The sheet says school garden but at the moment your school is home so do your home garden or how you would like a home garden to be if you don’t have one.

Students who like a challenge and whose carers can help them
You might like to get Mums, Dads or the people who care for you at home to help you to measure your garden for your plan so that you can have a go at drawing the plan to scale.

Students whose carer can’t help them
You might like to draw the plan by looking at what is where.

Students who find drawing hard
Ask your carer to cut out some pictures of trees, paving stones etc so that you can stick them onto the plan you make.

The pictures on the plan on the sheets will give you an idea of how to draw the different things you might find in your garden. If you have other things you can think of your own symbol for them. I bet some of you have a trampoline.
Count the number of different things that you find in your garden e.g. 1 tree, 3 bushes, 35 blue plants, 1 trampoline etc. Make a list of these.
Good luck with your drawings and measuring.