Listening Games

These games and activities are designed to develop attention & listening skills. They become increasingly more challenging throughout the document. The games should be relevant for a wide range of ages.

These are designed to be simple games families can play with their child to develop their listening skills. The games and activities can be adapted for any age and they get gradually more challenging.


What is a Social Story?

• It is a story about a situation encountered by
the child …………
• It describes what most of us dismiss as
• It considers the world through the eyes of a
child with an ASD
• It is a story which uses text and illustrations
which have a reassuring quality
• It can inform, reassure, instruct, console,
support, praise and correct children with ASD
• It can describe a daily routine ……………
• Help the child cope with changes in routine
• Can be used to support behaviour ………
• Can be used to give positive feedback